Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Why Student Visa to USA Gets Rejected?

why student visa Gets Rejected

A VISA to USA is not an easy apple to pluck. Consular Officers in the US embassies are well trained and experts in smelling the true intention of the applicant. They may not ask too many questions but will be observing your body language, expressions and all. Those who have applied for student VISA in USA should be very careful while answering questions. The reason for rejection may sound silly, but Consulate Officers are very sure about their decision.

Most of the times, the reason for VISA rejection will be ‘Section 214(b)’ of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act.  As per section 214(b) the Consulate Officer should be convinced that the applicant has a true intention to leave her/his home country and shall return after completion of the purpose to visit USA. If a proper and convincing answer is not provided by the applicant, it is likely that the VISA gets rejected.

For e.g., a student was asked why did he chose that particular University for doing his course. He sincerely answered that he has a few years of experience in the same field and wants to go for advanced studies which will bring him better opportunities. Immediately his VISA got rejected. The Consulate Officer assumed that he is planning to continue in the US even after his studies which the officer is not happy with. So always be ready with a convincing answer which does not kill the purpose. The consulate officer will be looking into your social, economic, family and other ties to India which will ensure your return from the US after studies. Give them proper information which will guarantee your return from the US.

Another reason for rejecting VISA is that the officer is not satisfied with your qualifications for that particular VISA category. In that case always be ready with documents which will prove that you are eligible for getting the VISA. Clearly demonstrate your qualifications and experience with the help of supporting documents and do not get panic if the consulate officer looks unhappy. Remember that they don’t spend hours to analyse you; they are well trained that from the first look itself they can judge you. Be confident and speak clearly with good accent and don’t show your tensions to the officer.

Remember that you alone are responsible for the rejection of VISA. Do not try to fake any information related to you which has been submitted to the embassy. They all are stored in their database and you cannot make any changes to it when go for reapply. So be sincere and always give exact information to them. Many VISA consultants train you to fake but the consulate officer can easily identify it and it may lead to permanent VISA rejection.


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