Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Win Mega Cash Prizes in just 5 steps – Online Rummy Card Game

Are you tired in finding the ways to earn money? Feeling annoyed? Here is the clever solution to earn money with fun. Now winning has become easy just from your fingertips. Simple yet worthy online rummy game gathers millions of rummy enthusiasts at one place and creates a fun environment. They also have great chances to win whopping cash prizes by showing their record-winning performance on rummy tables.

Nowadays, the smart phones are widely used for carrying out several important life activities, starting from examining health condition to accessing educational resources. Simply, mobile phones make your life easier, where people are able to access everything on a single device with the comfort of their home.

If you are enjoying rummy game on your desktop, then it is the time to switch towards your smart phones. Yes, mobiles provide far better experience than on desktops. You only need to download rummy app on Android phones and tablets for smoother and faster experience. It means the more you play with it, you can enjoy the comfort to gain big rewards.

So let's consider some tips shared by expert rummy players in the industry, which may turn any beginner player into a master player:

Tip 1 - Form a Fair Sequence: The very first thing you need to do is to form a pure sequence according to rummy rules. The pure sequence will reduce the score of the game and helps you to give less count if your opponent declares the game at any time. A pure sequence is important and you can form the further sequences with a joker.

Tip 2 – Usage of cards in a pure sequence: While forming a pure sequence, there is no rule to form only with three cards. You can also use four sequence. The important point is that at least you should have one pure sequence as mentioned above.

Tip 3 - Discard high value cards: It is very important to play safe game. Every professional player will follow this rule in order to score less points when they lose the game in certain conditions. Initially, try to discard the cards like Ace, King, Queen and Jack, so that when you lose the game, the opponent will not score much. This is one of the differences how professional players play the game when compared to beginner players.

Tip 4 – Usage of Joker: Better to use joker with a combination of other cards wherever you need. It will help you more in reducing the score. Joker can be used to form a non-pure sequence.

Tip 5 – Observe opponent cards: While playing, observe your opponent cards which he/she picks and discard. Make sure that you should discard the nearby cards that your opponent discarded. Rummy player who follow this tip would become the master of a rummy card game.

These tips will assist any beginner player by turning into an expert rummy player. Also, he/she will get an opportunity to enjoy brand new rummy features that are incorporated in today's rummy portals. Every feature has its own significance, which benefits a player in all the ways while playing rummy.

It is also necessary to consider few thing while choosing the trusted rummy portal. Few of them are:

1. Safe & Fair Game play Environment
2. 100% Secure Transactions
3. User-Friendly site
4. Round the clock support
5. Quick Access
6. Certified Partnerships

'Practice makes man perfect' is phrase that is more apt for rummy players. Practice all the tips to boost your skills and enjoy the real gaming experience with rewarding experience. So Rummy lovers, be aware of all these tips and follow rummy rules to become online rummy champion.

Aware of all these tips and rules to become online rummy champion. 

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Seven Mile Bridge, Florida Keys - World’s Longest Segmental Bridge

The Seven Mile Bridge consists of a chain-like cluster of more than a thousand low-lying islands that stretches across azure waters. It connects the Middle and Lower Keys, a channel between the Gulf of Mexico and the‪#‎Florida‬ Strait.

It is the world’s longest segmental bridge. Seven Mile Bridge is one of the bridges on Overseas Highway in the Keys; part of the 2,369 mile long US 1.

‪#‎Seven‬ ‪#‎Mile‬ ‪#‎Bridge‬ is surrounded by water that is rich in sea life. There are two bridges, one is the modern bridge which is open to vehicular traffic. Second one is the older bridge, known as the Knights Key-Pigeon Key-Moser Channel-Pacet Channel Bridge. It is only open to pedestrians and cyclists.

Explore More @ http://goo.gl/IpTfBN

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Domestic Flight Booking Offers Starts From Rs.789/-

Book for travel between 08th July and 30th September with fares starting Rs 789 all inclusive.

All inclusive lowest one-way fares. Limited seats. Fares are subject to change without prior notice. T&Cs apply. The promo fare is applicable on select flights on IndiGo’s domestic network only.

For more information, please visit: www.centratravels.com
Call us to Book Now :
IND: +91-40-3360-6033
IND: +91-863-653-5999
USA: +1-855-300-3911
Email Id: Holidays@centratravels.com

Origin Destination All inclusive Fare
Imphal Guwahati 789*/-
Guwahati Imphal 912*/-
Ahmedabad Mumbai 1102*/-
Chennai Bengaluru 1109*/-
Delhi Jaipur 1138*/-
Goa Bengaluru 1140*/-
Bengaluru Goa 1142*/-
Jammu Srinagar 1177*/-
Bengaluru Pune 1194*/-
Bengaluru Pune 1194*/-
Srinagar Jammu 1207*/-
Goa Mumbai 1247*/-
Bengaluru Chennai 1270*/-
Jaipur Delhi 1334*/-
Mumbai Ahmedabad 1339*/-
Hyderabad Mumbai 1379*/-
Pune Bengaluru 1398*/-
Delhi Udaipur 1405*/-
Vadodara Mumbai 1407*/-
Thiruvananthapuram Bengaluru 1438*/-
Delhi Lucknow 1450*/-
Coimbatore Chennai 1470*/-
Bengaluru Hyderabad 1509*/-
Udaipur Delhi 1557*/-
Mumbai Jaipur 1590*/-
Jaipur Mumbai 1591*/-
Bengaluru Visakhapatnam 1599*/-
Visakhapatnam Bengaluru 1599*/-
Pune Hyderabad 1607*/-
Mumbai Goa 1608*/-
Bengaluru Thiruvananthapuram 1649*/-
Chennai Coimbatore 1667*/-
Lucknow Delhi 1689*/-
Hyderabad Bengaluru 1722*/-
Pune Chennai 1750*/-
Mumbai Vadodara 1772*/-
Delhi Varanasi 1798*/-
Mumbai Hyderabad 1818*/-
Bagdogra Kolkata 1849*/-
Kochi Mumbai 1917*/-
Varanasi Delhi 1950*/-
Bengaluru Mumbai 1988*/-
Delhi Ahmedabad 2040*/-
Hyderabad Pune 2093*/-
Nagpur Mumbai 2095*/-
Kolkata Guwahati 2102*/-
Mumbai Bengaluru 2141*/-
Chennai Pune 2142*/-
Hyderabad Ahmedabad 2164*/-
Ahmedabad Delhi 2169*/-
Chennai Mumbai 2174*/-
Kolkata Bagdogra 2277*/-
Dibrugarh Guwahati 2289*/-
Mumbai Nagpur 2345*/-
Delhi Indore 2359*/-
Ahmedabad Hyderabad 2367*/-
Guwahati Kolkata 2386*/-
Mumbai Delhi 2411*/-
Indore Delhi 2414*/-
Mumbai Chennai 2428*/-
Delhi Mumbai 2547*/-
Delhi Guwahati 2568*/-
Delhi Guwahati 2568*/-
Coimbatore Mumbai 2645*/-
Delhi Patna 2685*/-
Guwahati Delhi 2699*/-
Mumbai Raipur 2779*/-
Pune Delhi 2780*/-
Delhi Bengaluru 2836*/-
Delhi Hyderabad 2863*/-
Mumbai Kozhikode 2916*/-
Delhi Goa 2999*/-
Goa Delhi 2999*/-
Bengaluru Delhi 3020*/-
Mumbai Coimbatore 3039*/-
Delhi Kolkata 3104*/-
Thiruvananthapuram Mumbai 3155*/-
Hyderabad Delhi 3183*/-
Mumbai Thiruvananthapuram 3201*/-
Delhi Pune 3216*/-
Bengaluru Kolkata 3314*/-
Kolkata Bengaluru 3478*/-
Mumbai Lucknow 3520*/-
Delhi Chennai 3525*/-
Chennai Delhi 3549*/-
Kolkata Delhi 3600*/-
Bengaluru Chandigarh 3656*/-
Chandigarh Bengaluru 3658*/-
Mumbai Kolkata 4304*/-
Kolkata Mumbai 4314*/-

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Phuket Special for 3 Nights/4 Days

Phuket Special for 3 Nights/4 Days, Price Starting from Rs 7,048/-.
Cities covered: Phuket
- 3 Nights accommodation in Phuket at the Best Western Patong Beach
- All Tours and sightseeings are operated on shared basis or will - depend as per your vehicle selection during Customisation
- Return airport transfers are made on SIC basis or or will depend as per your vehicle selection during Customisation
- Inclusive of all current applicable taxes
Call us to Book Now @ IND: +91-40-33606033 | US : +1-855-300-3911
Email: holidays@centratravels.com.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Malaysia Tour Package - 9 Nights/10 Days

Discover Malaysia - 9 Nights/10 Days @ Rs.35,200 Only.
Cities Covered: Kuala lumpur, Langkawi, Penang

- 4 Nights accommodation in Kuala lumpur at the ibis Styles Kuala Lumpur Fraser Business Park
- 3 Nights accommodation in Langkawi at the Langkawi Seaview Hotel
- 2 Nights accommodation in Penang at the Hotel NEO+ Penang by Aston
- All tours and sightseeing as per the itinerary and are operated on shared basis or or will depend as per your vehicle selection during Customisation
- Return airport transfers are made on SIC basis or or will depend as per your vehicle selection during Customisation
- Inclusive of all current applicable taxes. Resort fee is not included,It has to be paid by guest directly at the time of check In.
Call us to Book Now :
IND: +91-40-3360-6033
IND: +91-863-653-5999
USA: +1-855-300-3911
Email Id: Holidays@centratravels.com