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It’s time for Holiday-Makers – Easy Going

Its time for Holiday makers

Holidays are stuffed with moments of fun, happiness and entertainment. It is a break from all the worries and busy schedules of both professional and personal life. It’s a hilarious time to spend with family or friends. There are uncountable holiday spots around the globe to visit and experience, packed with everything and anything that you expect from your dream vacation. Still, unplanned or misguided holiday packages are enough to spoil your good days and return with bitter memories.

Expectations of Holiday-Makers:

Travel with ease:
Yes, you plan to go for holidays in another country and you need excellent travelling experience. You look for cheaper fares and at the same time good quality services. Many a times a cheaper fare doesn’t guarantee a better travel experience. At the same time, getting your travel planned with the help of an expert travel service provider, like us would give you the satisfaction you are expecting. We know the exact quality of services that are available in the market. We can advise you on choosing the service that is cheap and best.

On-board services:
It is a matter of concern while travel abroad for holidays. A smiling response or assistance that you get from flight attenders can add cream to your memorable journey. Sometimes you may need immediate attention from flight attenders and it will be mind-blowing when you get it. Ask us and we can ensure your comfort and safely during travelling by help choosing the best known service available ever.

Food and Beverages:
This part has an important role in making your holidays mesmerizing. To taste and celebrate the special and regional cuisine is one of the main plan-of-actions for holiday-makers. But, where to find the food and beverages that are famous for its traditional elements is something confusing. The hotels or resorts where you stay might serve you with all those famous dishes, but what if it is much tastier and cheaper in some other nearby location? Ask us for the locations that are recognized for serving the best food in town. You may not get a second chance to experience the finger-licking taste of a masterpiece cuisine.

Entertainments, Fun and More:

It is fun time and you need to be flourished with entertainment. Your kids want to experience the fun at its peak. Entertainment facilities differ place to place and it is unique everywhere. We can help find you the spots where you will have attractive and fun-filled entertainment facilities for children and adults. All you want to do is to get ready to go for the hyper level of entertainment and fun that is meant to fill your holidays with sweat memories.

Top 5 places to visit in Jaipur

Top 5 places to visit in Jaipur

Jaipur aka The Pink City is the capital of Rajasthan in Northern India. The city is famous for its palaces and forts with tailor-made architecture which evokes the glorious past of the Rajput era. Jaipur is called the pink city because of the pink buildings and walls in the city. It is one a major tourist attractions in Rajasthan, to say India. Below are some of the important attractions in the

Amber Fort and Palace:
Overlooking the Maota Lake, Amber Fort is a major tourist attraction in Jaipur. It was the home of Rajput Maharajas and its architecture is filled with breath taking palaces, gardens, halls and temples. The fort is just half an hour away from Jaipur city. The light and sound show in the evenings held at the fort will be a mesmerizing experience for a tourist. If you are an art lover and wants know about traditional block art, visit Anokhi Museum near the fort where workshops on block art are conducted. Night tourism called ‘Amber by night’ allows visitors to roam around elegantly illuminated Diwan-e-Aam, Jaleb Chowk, Sheesh Mahal and Mansingh Mahal

City Palace:
City palace showcases the richness of the Royal Family of Jaipur. The architecture of the palace is a combination of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture. The Palace has huge breath taking courtyards, gardens and buildings. Peacock gate for example is a wonderful example of detailed workmanship and artistic talent of that time. There are museum, art gallery and displays of royal costumes and old weapons inside the palace. The palace is a door opener to the history and legacy of Royal Family of Jaipur, The Rajputs.

Hawa Mahal:
The most recognized building in Jaipur, hawa Mahal is a perfect example of craftsmanship and architectural intelligence. It was constructed in 1799 and has five floors with small windows in every side to make wind flow inside without any disturbances. The palace faces towards the main street of Old City, the legend is that the women of royal family can watch the street below without getting noticed. However, wind is no more flowing inside the palace as most of the windows are sealed now.

Jantar Mantar observatory:
Build by the Kind Jai Singh II, Jantar Mantar is a perfect example of technological advancement at that time. This is not just a collection of sculptures but is meant to calculate time, track stars and predict eclipses. Samrat Yantra Sundai is a major attraction here which is 90 ft. tall and has a shadow that moves every minute to show how quickly is time passes by.

Jaigarh Fort:
Jaigarh Fort is a favourite place for lovers of military and amours. The world’s largest cannon on wheels is in Jaigarh Fort. Towering gateways and watch towers in the fort furnishes the history of militancy in Rajput Era. 

How to Plan a Trip?

How To Plan A Trip

Plan wisely for a memorable journey:
Is it that easy to just pack and leave for a journey? No, it is not. You have to think about lot things before you start your travel. There are important matters like expense, tickets, time and all. It is always sensible to plan your travel a few months before the journey and you can save more money for traveling, you can see more places where you go and what not. Here are a few tips for planning your travel to make it a memorable experience ever.

Where am I going?
Ask yourself this question hundred times. Where to go, which place you want to see, why I want to visit that place etc. Look through a binocular the answer you got. Is it really a place you want to see? If the answer is positive, narrow your focus. Think about Machu Picchu than Latin America.  Hit a nail on the map. Now you have a clear idea about the place you are eagerly waiting to visit. Good job, you have done with the first and most important step in your travel planning.

How long I want to be there?
Now that you have come to a conclusion about the place you want to go. The next question behind you is how much time you are going to spend in your favourite location. Is it for a week or a month? Relax and think well. Is your holidays allow you to stay there as per your wish? How many days, including the time you have to spend in flight/train/bus. Pen down the time you have to spend on traveling and calculate the exact time you get to be in your destination. This is not a hard thing to do. Your travel agent can give you all the information on traveling time and all. Once it is finalized, you are ready to go ahead with other things that matters a lot.

Do I have enough money?
Nothing is free in this world! You need money for tickets, food, accommodation and other expenses. Take a paper and pen and start filling the expenses column. Ticket charges, expected food and beverages costs per day, hotel/home rent, attractions which need tickets etc. You can figure out average cost per day by including all the expenses in the list. This makes an easy way to plan your total expected travel costs.

Gather money:
You have plenty of time to gather money for your dream journey. This is the farthermost advantage of planning a trip well in advance. Identify the loops where money is wasted more. Avoid unnecessary expenses which you really don’t need. Cut down a beer or a pizza from your routine. You can save some handsome amount by carefully using telephone. Stop having food from hotel and learn and try cooking. Keep away from parties with friends and all. There are numerous things in your life that steals money like steal someone blind.

Check for updates:
Be flexible, that helps you in finding a better travel planning. There will be offers that you missed to see. Keep on searching for latest offers and deals announced by tour operators and travel agencies. Sometimes you may come across a great dear which can give you double impact on your budget. The word ‘flexible’ is very important at this stage. You still remember the first question you asked yourself rite? What if you can enjoy a trip to another location for much lower expense? Don’t think much, just grab the opportunity. It won’t make any difference if you go to Singapore instead of Mauritius. What you want is a trip that will give you a sweet memory. Let Mauritius wait for you some other time. This way you can enjoy all the benefits of a budget travel and don’t forget to do a shopping with surplus money.

7 attractive places in Tamil Nadu

Tourist Places in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a southern state in India which is known for its historical aspects and cultural diversities. Tamil Nadu was under the ruling of ancient dynasties like Chera, Pandya, and Chola. The long history of Tamil Nadu under various dynasties contributed to the land a lot of monuments and attractive temples which are now major attractions in the state. Tamil Nadu is very particular about its culture and traditions. There are a number of attractions to explore for a keen tourist. Let’s go through some of them.

Earlier known as Madras, Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu. The city houses major heritage structures like light house, railway stations, museums and more. Chennai is an important place for South Indian cinema because in earlier times the cinema world was totally depended on film studios in Chennai. Neat and beautiful beaches are another attraction of Chennai. Though the climate in Chennai is always hot and humid, no one would deny the fact that beaches in Chennai are wonderful. An evening walk in Mount Road or Burma Bazar in Parrys Corner will be most enjoyable places for those who love shopping.

Mahabalipuram is one of the prominent tourist places in Tamil Nadu. Also known as Mamallapuram, the place is known for ancient monuments and has been classified as a heritage site by UNESCO. The monuments built with granite display the architectural brilliancy of Dravidian culture. The carvings in the monuments are fruit for eyes and other than monsoon tourists flow to Mahabalipuram to see the craft shown by artisans. There are numerous temples which are perfect examples of sculptures and there is a story behind each monument too.

Kanyakumar is one of the favorite tourist destinations in India. The coastal town is famous for its diverse culture and historical constructions. This is a place where one can view sunrise and sunset at the same beach. The water body of this enchanting beach includes Indian Ocean, Arabian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. Kanyakumari is also a favorite destination for pilgrimage. You can taste unique Dravidian cuisine here in Kanyakumari which food lovers will never forget.

Madurai is special; it is one of the oldest cities in the world to be inhabited. Madurai is known for the temples which stand as the hallmark of the city. Tourists visit Madurai to explore the temples in the city showcasing the ancient artistic brilliancy. Madurai Meenakshi Temple is the most visited temple and which was mentioned in ancient scripts. Madurai is the most important pilgrimage for Tamil people.

Kodaikanal, is a hill station famous for thick forests and cool weather. Kodaikanal is mostly preferred by honeymooners for its beautiful lakes, forests and waterfalls. This place is located in the Palani Hills. Tourists, especially photographers and trekkers choose Kodaikanal as their favorite destination. There are many places like Bryant Park, Coaker's Walk, Bear Shola Falls, Green Valley View (Suicide Point), Pine forests, Shembaganur Museum of Natural History, Kodaikanal Solar Observatory, Pillar Rocks, Guna caves, Silver Cascade, Dolphin's Nose etc.

Ooty is one of the favourite hill stations in India for tourists. Situated in the Nilgiri Mountains, Ooty also is a primary choice for honeymooners. Throughout the year, Ooty maintains pleasant and cool climate and it has many lakes, mountains, valleys and graders to wander around. Ooty holds a major place in Tamil Nadu tourism. Like Kodaikanal, Ooty ensures a chilled memory to its visitors.

An ancient city known for silk, Kanchipuram situates in the banks of river Vegavathy. Kanchipuram also was ruled by various dynasties and the monuments in the city exhibit its rich cultural ethnicities. This place is famous for its natural and man-made attractions and has bird sanctuary, temples, backwater and beaches for its visitors.

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5 Amazing Places in Kerala

5 Places in Kerala

Kerala, known as ‘God’s Own Country’ is one of the popular tourist destinations in India. It is rich with backwaters, beaches, forests and wild life sanctuaries. Kerala is famous for eco-tourism and Ayurvedic treatments. The biodiversity of Kerala is famous and there are places reserved for flora and fauna which are endangered to extinction. Domestic and foreign tourists prefer Kerala due to its historical and cultural specialties also. There are numerous destinations in Kerala which showcase the evidence and leftovers of colonialism in India. Also for those who like to experience varieties of seafood items, none other than Kerala is the apt place for that. Festival seasons add colors to its cultural heritage which will be a memorable experience for a tourist for sure. Below is a list of must visited places if you are planning a vacation in Kerala.

Alappuzha is known as the Venice of the East. It is very famous for backwaters, beaches and seafood. An exceptional natural beauty, Alappuzha is a pet for those visits Kerala. Karumadi is an important historical place where a granite stature of Budha, known as Karumadi Kuttan is placed. Kuttanadu is another hilarious destination where tourists can experience the beauty of backwaters and paddy fields. Alappuzha town itself is so beautiful with old historical constructions and boat services to nearby places.

Known as the Queen of Arabian Ocean, Kochi is a real beauty to wander around. It is the commercial capital of Kerala where you can find cultural exchanges with Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch traders. Fort Kochi and Mattanchery are known for Portuguese style constructions and monuments of historical intercourses. Bolgatty palace is another attraction in Kochi which was built by the Dutch in 1744. Willington Island is a man-made island which is an important place for Kochi as major offices related to port are situated there. There are many other places in Kochi and surrounding which will take you the memories of Western invasion to India.

The capital city of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram is known for Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple. The capital city is also has a dynamic cultural background with museum, palaces etc. The famous Kovalam beach is just 15km away from Thiruvananthapuram. Lion share of the history of Kerala sleeps in this beautiful city.

The gateway of Kerala we can call it. Palakkad is a border town sharing boundaries with TamilNadu and is protected by Western Ghats. Palakkad is a favorite place for film makers and photographers for its mesmerizing beauty. Also known as the rice bowl of Kerala, Palakkad has many tourist attractions in its soil. Malampuzha dam for example is a major dam in India. The garden alongside the dam gives the place a mystic atmosphere with the famous statue ‘Yakshi’ by Kanai Kunjiraman. Silent Valley is another famous place to visit in Kerala. The valley is rich with numerous birds and animals which are facing extinction. Nelliyampathy hills is another destination for those who like trekking and botanical excursions. There are other important historical places like The Fort of Tipu Sultan, Varikkassery Mana, Kalpathi Agraharam etc. Palakkad is also famous for its musical tradition and many renowned musicians were born in Palakkad.

Wayanad is situated in the beautiful southern tip of the Western Ghats. It is famous for its forests and valleys gifted with flora and fauna of the Ghats. Wayanad also has cultural importance as it shares border with Karnataka State. The climate in Wayanad is always cool and welcoming to a tourist who is looking for relaxation. The important tourist destinations in Wayanad are Chempra Peak, Neelimala, Meenmutty waterfalls, Chethalayam, Pakshipathalam, Banasura Sagar Dam, Kabani river etc.

5 Tips for Indian students to Travel USA

The US is a large country with diverse climate and culture in each region. Students who are traveling for the first time to USA should know a few things to be followed for a safe journey. These tips will help you in managing your resources effectively, avoiding unwanted expenses, keeping healthy and confident during your stay in the US.

Do a research on the climate in the region you are about to go. In USA, weather differs and it is advisable that you keep cloths that are suitable for the particular region. It is better to keep a handbag to easily take out and drop cloths that are frequently needed (Sweaters, woolen caps etc.). Try to keep a pouch which can be attached to your belt. This helps in handling small amounts of bills which is necessary while travelling in the US. Carry some general medicines for fever, cough, pains and all because it is costly in the US. You cannot buy a medicine from a pharmacy in the US without prescription from a doctor, which will make a little more expense.

Always opt for travel by air in the US. It is time saving and comparatively cheap for long distances. If you need to travel short distances, make use of bus services. You may not find bus services to all the suburban places; in which case look for an economic car rental service. Travel agents can advise you on the best available transportation options based on the destination you are heading to. Experiences travel agents can even pre-book your seats for your continued journey in the US.


It is unavoidable. You need to be in touch with your family and friends both in India and the US. It is always better to buy telephone cards to keep it under your budget. Coin operated pay phones are available everywhere in the US, but they are comparatively expensive. For making international calls, use telephone cards or buy a cellular phone with best offers given by major telephone operators. Do remember that, all the handsets in India are not suitable for usage in the US, voltage is different and electronic gadgets from India may not work properly in USA. Try to get a cellphone from USA itself to avoid inconveniences.

You may feel nostalgic about homely food after a few days in the US. Students, who are supposed to stay there for a long while needs to take care of their health; especially about food. Carry necessary utensils to cook for yourself. Many students prefer to buy electronic cooker from the US itself; not bad it is. Other utensils like spoon, stirrers, and vessels of various sizes are cheap in the US. If you prefer to carry it from home; go on. Don’t forget to pack some Indian masala powder packets like sambar/rasam powder, turmeric and  haldi powder, cumin seeds, mustard seeds etc. You can pack some of your pickles also to not to miss the delicious food your mummy cooks.


There are other things you will need while staying in the US. Toiletries are one of the important in that. Get a toilet mug for your use, you may not find mug in toilets in the US. Stock toothpaste, soaps, powders, hair oils,  shampoos etc. You may also carry stationeries like gum, stapler, punching machine, note books, pen & pencils, erasers, ruler etc. CDs/DVDs of your favorite music or movies will help you when you feel nostalgic or lost. Pack some of your favorite books if you are a veracious reader.

Knowing and planning your journey well in advance will help reduce stress and obstacles while you live in the US. Anyways, you are going to make friends of your choice very soon. So, no need to worry too much about your safety in the US.

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Attractive offers for Students Planning To Go USA

Attractive offers for Students Planning To Go USA

Students who are looking for flight ticket from India to USA can benefit from discounts offered by airlines exclusively for academic needs. Save money on airfare by contacting Centra Travels team and know about other benefits and services which can be obtained along with discounts. Deals and offers are available throughout the year to support students in fulfilling their wish to study in the US.

Lowest rates on air tickets for students travelling USA
Students can get discounts on flight tickets from registered travel agents. Centra Travels have collaborations with top consolidators which allow us to provide maximum discounts on flight tickets for students. Airline companies also allow students to travel cheaply to the US by providing discounts. Centra Travels has all the updates on discounts announced by airlines. Some of the other benefits that students can enjoy are given below:

  •        VISA Assistance for flexibility of travelling
  •        Car pick and drop from airport
  •        Accommodation for lowest possible rates
  •        Round the clock customer service

Plan your travel
There are other things that you should consider while getting ready to fly. Finding a suitable flight according to your convenience is most important in this regard. Centra Travels can assist you in searching and finding the appropriate flight for your maximum comfort. We can also provide additional travel facilities like train, bus ticket booking, hotel and accommodation booking etc.

Logistics Management
Forget all worries about carrying heavy luggage while flying. Centra Travels can guide you to manage luggage effectively. This is an additional advantage that students get along with discounts on air tickets. Centra Travels can help you travel safely with your luggage avoiding all possible issues on the way.

Bring your parents to USA
Students can bring their parents for lowest price now. Special packages available with airlines make it easy for parents to visit their children in USA. Call Centra Travels to learn about offers available right now.

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Attractive Travel Offers to Students Traveling from India to USA

Attractive Travel Offers to Students

Are you planning to book your flight tickets on your own from India by contacting US-bound airlines directly? Spending plenty of money might be on the anvil in case you are not wary of the actual flight booking process. Seeking more information from our travel experts will help you in getting access to the best features on an overall. Centra Travels provides valuable benefits for students for their expected US travel from India.

Best Possible Lowest Airfares
Centra Travels offers the lowest flight charges available in the market. There are many special offers for students announced by airlines with which we can bring down the airfare to your budget.

Visa Assistance
Centra Travels can help you with VISA processing. By avoiding unnecessary delays and complications, we can get your VISA processed much faster than expectation. Our team of experts is ready to help you at any time and situation.

Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance is something which is inevitable while travelling abroad. It will be very useful in countries where medical expenses are more. Get a travel insurance from Centra Travels with best offers and cheapest rates to secure your journey.

Allowance on Extra Luggage Deals
While on a travel for academic need, you should carry an extra luggage than usual. Get extra luggage deals from Centra Travels to avoid unnecessary hurdles and luggage charges while travelling.

End-to-End Travel Services
Our services are not limited to flight ticket booking and all. We provide car, train or bus bookings for students for their convenient travelling. We can arrange pick and drop from airport to your college or university in lowest rates to save your money and time.

Family Frequent Flyer Deals
If your family visits you often in the US, you can check for deals available for frequent flyers with Centra Travels. This helps you from spending more money on flight tickets and struggling to find suitable flight as planned.

Group offers
This is for students who travel in groups. Centra Travels offers huge discounts for students travel as a group to the US. Contact our customer care team to know more about the offers available for a group of student travellers.

24*7 Customer Support
We are awake 24*7 to serve you. Feel free to contact us at any time if you come across any doubts or problems. Our team will be of your assistance with solutions for your issues in travelling.

Festive Offers

Overcoming the frequent problems that students abound US experience is best possible with the consideration of top travel offers during festive times. Talk to travel professionals in Centra Travels and know about the offers announced by airlines instantly.

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Best Independent Travel Agent Services to Jobseekers for US Travel

Best Independent Travel Agent Services

Looking for a travel agent independent of any agency or firm? Get access to the top US flight deals with no strings attached. Explore the top travel deals in order to ensure that you realize comfort without foregoing upon your actual requirements whatever it is. Explore several options available at the same time in a comprehensive fashion to pick the premium travel deals that are meant for job seekers in India eager to travel to US.

Given below are some of the best ways that you get to secure cheapest airline fares for your personal requirements.

One Way Airline Tickets:
Approach an independent travel agent to ensure that you plan your travel to the US smartly. Most of the travel agencies will provide you with deals that are included with return journey as well. Avoiding such a jinxed scenario is best possible when you prefer one way airline tickets that will provide you a discount of at least 50% for sure.

Last Minute Travel Deals:
Imagine that you schedule your travel in the last minute without proper planning. Perhaps, you could take advantage of the situation by choosing an independent travel agent who will secure your travel preferences with the inclusion of key features. Multiple features that are tailor-made for your urgent travel to the US for job will help you extensively. 

Latest US Seasonal Offers:
Relying upon an independent travel agent specializing in US flight deals and airline offers will benefit you to a maximum extent. Do you know that traveling in specific seasons will ensure you obtain more discounts? Perhaps, it is possible that you realize a handsome discount of at least 85% offering you increased flexibility of travel from a financial perspective. 

Cheap US Flights On line:
VISA assistance provided by the independent travel agent in a personalized manner will ensure that you never come across any other better deal. Choosing the diverse range of features with respect to the latest flight deals will help you to a best deal for sure. All you need is to organize your preferences allowing you to come across various features with ease. 

Affordable US Travel Quotes:
How to materialize the best travel deals to US without worrying about busy flight schedules. An independent travel agent will be a perfect fit for your requirements with the provision of cheapest quotes possible without any complicated scenarios as well. Eventually, it is possible to pick from the best travel quotes to US with optimum features included in an eventual manner that you expect.
Apart from the features and benefits, you will be able to schedule your travel in such a way that maximum flexibility has been realized to the core. Seasoned travel agents working independently will be able to offer you all those features that are guaranteed to you on the whole. Get access to such deals directly to your inbox by subscribing to the best travel offers on the whole.

Affordable Travel for Your Parents from India to USA

Affordable Travel for Your Parents from INDIA to USA

Every student and every professional from India settled in the US who plans to bring their parents to the US will be looking for affordable and comfortable journey for them. Remaining proactive will ensure that no complex issues are experienced during or before for sure. Ultimate priority given in this context will ensure that no issues are experienced by them during the journey. Experienced travel agents will be able to provide assistance right from airport pick and drop with ease.

Are you an NRI settled in USA?
Would you like to invite your parents to visit the US and spend some of the best moments of their life with you? Perhaps, you take a lot of onus by planning their ticket booking schedule and transport services itinerary. A simple mistake that you make might prove to be complex for them. By monitoring their preferences in an exclusive way, you will be able to organize their preferences in such a way that no issues are experienced at all.

Benefits from travel agents:
·         Dedicated services for US travel.
·         Exclusive travel packages for utmost comfort
·         Innovative tour features with maximum assistance

Do you plan a visit to US for your parents?
Students who have left for US for their higher studies in their chosen disciplines might have stayed long enough away from home. Perhaps, their parents might be raring to meet them after a long gap. Managing their safety with the consideration of several features is something what they need to prefer the most. Perfect realization of top quality travel benefits is something what you must consider for your parents.

Benefits from travel agents:
·         Luxury amenities for effortless travel
·         Perfectly planned tour itinerary
·         Optimum travel protection

Have you obtained travel insurance besides VISA?
Getting the much needed VISA assistance at the crucial juncture of your travel is something what you need to focus upon. Exclusive travel features are guaranteed to you so that you will never confront any complex scenarios. Innovative travel deals that you go through in deal will benefit your parents to the core.

Benefits from travel agents:
·         Travel insurance from proven sources
·         Excellent VISA assistance for assured US travel
·         Complete management of tour itinerary with protection

Indian students and professionals in the US will be able to bring their parents to their place of residence in an affordable budget. Cheapest tickets with discounts are now available with the consideration of excellent features without going through any complex scenarios. Attractive flight deals are announced on a regular basis so that you could prefer one at a time. Such a sophistication is not possible for you in case you approach travel airlines directly without getting access to the desired features in an eventual manner. Maintaining the perfect quality standards throughout your travel is easily realized in this context with ease.

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Five Things to Remember Before Travelling to India from USA

Five Things to Remember Before Travelling to India from USA

Traveling from USA to India might be highly taxing because of two different culturally diverse locations. Effective travel deals that you consider will help you in coming across many features that you expect to the core. 

Given below are the top five facts that you must remember when traveling to India from USA.

What's hot and what's not
Travel agents are well aware of the latest promotions and discount offers as far as flights abound India and hotels in the region are considered. By associating with them in a comprehensive way, you can experience the best trip ever to India. Maximum discounts too could be obtained upon them providing you with the best results that you consider without going through any complex scenarios.

Special offers
Before traveling to India, it is necessary that you know about the special offers available for you in India. Perhaps, it will consume a lot of time in case you make such a wider research on your own. By leaving such time consuming tasks to the travel agents, you can organize your travel schedule in a perfect way.

Latest promotions
Top international flights are known to announce special deals depending upon the season. As a tourist, it is not possible for you to get acquainted about the same at all time. However, you can seek the premium services offered by the concerned tour operators providing you with the exclusive information in this regard. Excellent promotional strategies that you come across in a prolific manner will help you save more time and money as well.

Free consultations
Travel agents allow you to learn about the best deals for you with the consideration of several options the way you prefer. By going through a detailed consultation for free, you will be able to learn about the top features of your India travel schedule. Reputed travel agents offer free consultations for US citizens on a regular basis so that they could strike familiarity in a proper way.

Customized plans
Traveling to India requires you to specify your tour plan in a detail so that you could save unnecessary flight tickets and hotel accommodations. After having the necessary access to the desired tour features, it is possible to end up in a clear and well-tailored travel plan. Latest plans involving precise details will help you in realizing an effortless travel that you prefer. Seek more information online in case you have got any issues that which you need to confirm to enjoy a highly enjoyable tour to India.