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Enjoy a Perfect Weekend Trip in Mumbai with Best Attractions Around


Planning a Weekend trip in Mumbai with best attractions covered in and around the city?  Access the advanced features in a detailed manner allowing you to realize some of the lilting moments of your life as a tourist.

Given below are some of the best Mumbai day trip options for you allowing you to have optimum fun and excitement. 

Trekking in the Sahyadri:

Trekking in the Sahyadri
Do you enjoy adventurous activities such as mountaineering and trekking? Sahyadris is one of the beautiful mountain ranges in the Western Ghats offering you optimum flexibility with ease. With greenery perched everywhere providing you with the best features, it is possible to organize your travel preferences with great flexibility. Breathtaking mountain views are available to you in the Sahyadri defining a new meaning to your travel expeditions.

How to Reach: Regular local train services are available from Mumbai to Lonavla from where it is just a 15 km walk.


Spending quality time in the scenic mountainous regions of Mumbai is possible when you reach Harihareshwar. Perhaps, you get to witness the scenic views of four mountains in the form of Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri and Pushpadri providing you much needed solace. Perfect accommodation too is available for the affordable prices possible at places such as Harihareshwar Beach Resort for your optimum comfort.

How to Reach: Private and public bus services from Mumbai are available regularly. However, you can prefer a bike ride to treasure the best moments of travel amidst beautiful mountain ranges.

Vaitarna Dam:

Planning a long tour from Mumbai to Nashik will let you confront some of the best moments offering you the ultimate features with ease. Vaitarna Dam is the location to be with beautiful views of gushing waters displayed to the core in an enchanting fashion. Alternatively known as Modaksagar Dam, it is known as the provider of water to Mumbai. It was opened in 1954 since then it has been functioning in a full-fledged manner providing multiple benefits.

How to Reach: Train and bus services are available from Mumbai to Nashik at regular intervals. Making use of road transport services to travel around 50 km will lead you to Igatpuri hill station, where Vaitarna Dam exists.

Mumbadevi Temple:

Mumbadevi Temple
Having a day trip involving prime locations of Mumbai is never complete without a visit to Mumbadevi Temple. You can get an instant religious feel as soon as you visit the temple. The deity is regarded to be six centuries old at least and is a direct representation of the artistic work of the legendary saint named Mumbaraka. According to the legend, it is believed that the people of Mumbai got fed up with the sadistic saint due to which they started praying for Lord Brahma. Eventually, it is because of Her Holiness because of which the problem has been resolved and since then she is considered as the savior of the city.  

How to Reach: Local train services are available from all major places of Mumbai such as Andheri to Mumbadevi Temple. Alternatively, you can take autos as well.

Best Places To Visit in California from Los Angeles


Plan a day trip to California from Los Angeles so that you get to witness some of the best destinations during the process. Experience optimum solace with pristine locations allowing you to enjoy seamless enjoyment in the backdrop of scenic locations providing you with the best features that you consider in accordance with the diverse needs you got to the core. Explore several tourist features that will help you in rejoicing in the natural locations with optimum ease.

Having a scintillating day trip is possible when traveling from Los Angeles to California providing you with the best features and memories to the core. Some of the locations that you must try for sure with all your family are Palm Springs and Disney’s California Adventure that will leave you spellbound for sure.

Given below are the top California destinations that you come across providing you with the ultimate qualities that you expect.


Would you like to plan a perfect day trip in California involving your children?  Disneyland proves to be the best option to you offering you ultimate features in an ideal manner that you expect accordingly. Get access to the premium activities for the sake of your children due to which best features are experienced with utmost flexibility. Walt Disney is the founder of Disneyland who built the dream destination for kids in the Californian location known as Anaheim in 1955.

How to Reach: Direct flights are available from Los Angeles to Disneyland with the closest airports being John Wayne Airport and Los Angeles International Airport.

Universal Studios Hollywood:

Serving not just as a film studio but also as a theme park, Universal Studios is credited with several features that makes it one of the most sought after attractions for day trip in the entire USA. Having been opened for public visits in 1964, it is regarded as the best destination for joy rides such as Jurassic Park: The Ride, and King Kong: 360 3-D. Explore the fun of touring in the top locations of California with best memories left behind for you in a mesmerizing fashion.

How to Reach: Regular services from top airlines in Los Angeles are available to Hollywood International Airport in Fort Lauderdale.

San Diego Sea World:

Having a perfect tryst with the oceanic beauty is best possible once you reach San Diego Sea World. Perhaps, it is regarded as one of the best locations to be in California as far as your family matters in the first place. It is owned by Sea World Entertainment providing the best features without leading towards any complex situations. Popular rides such as Manta, Wild Arctic, and Rip tide Rescue will let you realize a huge difference ensuring that you obtain best entertainment providing you with the best features that you prefer accordingly.

How to Reach: Direct bus services are available from Los Angeles to San Diego saving you more time and money. Planning early with your kids will help you in experiencing a memorable day trip that you prefer accordingly.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Tips To Book Cheap Flight Tickets in Seasonal for More Savings

Tips to Book Cheap Flight Tickets in Seasonal

Looking forward to Book Cheap flight tickets in seasonal periods such as summer vacations and Christmas? Prefer the ultimate deals that will let you come across best offers without spending anything extra. Reputed travel agents who have several years of experience on hand will be able to provide you with discount flight tickets coupons for your increased benefits because of which you get to realize ultimate features with optimum ease. With the increased focus upon more savings upon the travel tickets, it is possible to experience more benefits in the long run because of the consideration of  low cost flight tickets to popular destinations across the US.

Obtain Seasonal Cheap Flight Tickets for Perfect Travel Experience:
Buy cheap flight tickets in seasonal so that you could realize effortless travel within your budget. Planning your travel beforehand without going through any complex scenarios is one of the best advantages that you are able to realize accordingly. Booking low cost flight tickets international in an affordable manner will provide you with customized features due to which you get to organize your travel prospects in a highly effective manner. Increased focus upon low cost flight tickets Europe will benefit you in such a way that frequent travel without spending more is possible.

Great Traveling Experience throughout the Year:
Would you like to benefit from your travel deals with the consideration of exclusive holiday features? Getting access to all those traveling aspects in an ideal manner that you consider will help you in extensive fashion without allowing you to go through any complex scenarios. Prefer discount flight tickets to all major destinations to and from USA so that you could obtain increased flexibility of travel. Concentrating upon budget airlines will ensure that you realize even more discounts without spending more amount due to the availability of cheap flight tickets in seasonal in an ideal manner that you prefer.

Choose Best Travel Features Customized with Ease:
Organizing your travel plans in such a manner that you reflect the itinerary in a precise fashion is extremely important. Taking your family or friends along with you during your travel will ensure that you save more with ease. 

Given below are some of the aspects that you need to consider before booking travel tickets.

Seasoned travel agents offering you more choices
Book discount flight tickets for college students for more savings
Maximum amenities reflecting luxury within your budgeted travel with ease
Buying cheap flight tickets in seasonal so that you could experience more comfort

Understand Your Travel Preferences with Maximum Details:
Diverse range of travel deals are now available to you depending upon the situational requirements you got. Instead of spending more upon your travel tickets by choosing costly alternatives, it is necessary that you prefer diverse range of deals such as discount flight tickets for military without allowing you to spend more for sure. Prefer the exclusive offers that are considered to be most effective as far as cheap flight tickets in seasonal so that you could benefit more. Feel a great travel experience even with other packages that are offered with discount flight tickets for children as well.

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9 Things You Should Know Before You Travel for a Memorable Experience

9 Things You Should Know Before You Travel

Traveling to your favourite location or top destination must be high on your agenda. However, you need to focus upon multiple aspects in order to realize the best results without going through any complex situations for sure.

Given below are the 9 things you should know before you travel so that you could have a great travelling experience for sure.

Proper Accommodation for Pets:

9 Things You Should Know Before You Travel
Determine whether you are allowed to carry pets along with you during travel or even at the destination. Choosing the best accommodation facilities is one of the top features that you must consider in the first place providing you maximum relief.

Advance Payments for Specific Services:
Centra Travels in Hyderabad
Certain services such as housekeeping might take a heavy toll upon you in case you fail to address the costs related to them. Making advance payments will let you determine the exact amount you could afford for such requirements.

Maintain Enough Cash on Hand for More Savings:
Cheap Air Tickets
Random use of ATM's for taking cash out might cost you for additional transaction fees. Instead of spending money unnecessarily, it is necessary that you focus upon your preferences in such a way that you obtain the best results with ease.

Plan Your Itinerary for Effortless Travel Perfectly: 
Domestic Flight Travels
Travelling your favourite location never mean that you take things for granted. Instead of facing problems at a later point of time, it is necessary that you consider the best options available by proper planning of your travel after highlighting key events.

Highlight Key Locations of Your Journey:
Centra Travels in USA
Experience a perfect travel feel with the choice of travel locations in a precise manner. Perhaps, this is one of the crucial one of the 9 things you should know before you travel without any problems offering you great flexibility later.

Keep Your Mobile Devices Carefully and Handy:
Your mobile devices getting missed during travel or after travel is one of the common issues that you might face in general. Overcoming such common issues is easily possible once you pack your mobile devices, and use Bluetooth and other such devices instead.

Perform a Comprehensive Search On line:
Planning all those things that you could perform at the top tourist places you prefer to travel is something what you need to prefer in the first place. Eventually, you get to save more time and money offering you the best alternatives of travel that you prefer. 

Assess Public Transport Mode Options Effectively:

Surveying in detail online about the public transport facilities that you have got is something that is most important as well. Perhaps, this will ensure that you got a secure mode of transport besides allowing you to save more time.

Focus upon Local Weather in Detail:
Taking proper precautions from a health perspective is possible once you have enough awareness about the local weather. This will enable you in packing all the required accessories that will protect your health without allowing you to go through any major issues.
Apart from the above 9 things you should know before you travel for a perfect travel experience, there are others as well that will prove to be crucial based upon your situational requirements.

Top Places To Go For A Weekend in Hyderabad

Weekend destinations near Hyderabad offer a great holidaying experience with best features guaranteed in an overwhelming manner. Exciting travel feel laced with exciting moments will ensure that you realize a memorable holidaying tryst that you expect accordingly. Get along with your family or friends enabling you to realize a great weekend eventually due to which come across some of the best moments that you prefer with ease.

Prefer top places to go for a weekend in Hyderabad such as the ones given below providing you with a memorable travel experience eventually.


Bidar Fort weekend places near Telangana
This historical location in the border of Karnataka and Telangana could be reached after traveling around 150 km from Hyderabad.  Having a perfect weekend experience or a long enjoyable holiday is best possible with multiple tour attractions such as Bidar Fort and Bahmani Tombs. Making a same day visit or staying for a couple of days could be considered depending upon your exact requirements offering you a scintillating experience of travel on an overall.


Warangal weekend places near Telangana
This city in Telangana has served as the capital city for Kakatiyas. Initially known with the term ‘Orugallu’ during the Kakatiya rule, this historical city is still immensely popular with numerous attractions still remaining in perfect condition such as Bhadrakali Temple and Warangal Fort. However, the most famous attractions of all is the jaw dropping Thousand Pillar Temple.


Nagarjuna Sagar Weekend places near Telangana
This historical dam of geographical and agricultural importance is located nearly 165 km away from Hyderabad. Attractive tour packages are offered by the Tourism Department of Telangana offering some of the exciting moments for you in an exceptional manner. The unique constructional style of the dam is something what you need to boast about.


Nizamabad Weekend Places in Hyderabad
Would you like to experience the best trekking trails and scenic waterfalls in the Telangana region? Experiencing such attractive features so that you could perform some of the great activities in the region is best possible once you visit Nizamabad state, which is situated 175 km away from Hyderabad. Regular bus services both from the private as well as public transport departments are available to you.


Nalgonda Weekend Places in Hyderabad
Reaching the city of Nalgonda is possible easily after a mere travel of 84 km from Hyderabad. Private cabs regularly ply in the region of Hyderabad – Nalgonda besides public and private bus services available on a regular basis. Some of the best attractions that you get to witness in the city are Sri Laxminarsimha Swamy Temple besides the Buddhist monastery ruins that will leave you in awe definitely.


Another popular destination in the Telangana region close to the city of Hyderabad is Mahbubnagar, which is 100 km away. Regular travel services are available to you allowing you realize a perfect tourism experience in an ideal manner that you consider. Attractive tour packages for the most affordable prices are available for your increased preference due to which you could enjoy a great holidaying tryst. This place is hugely popular all over the world as the origin place of Koh-i-Noor Diamond. 

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Top 10 Hill Stations for Honeymoon vacations in South India - Centra Travel

Top 10 Hill Stations for Honeymoon vacations

Planning for a lovely Honeymoon Vacation in South India will leave behind memorable moments for you for sure. Couples can now experience scenic mountain views, gushing waterfalls and exotic beachfronts providing a perfect holiday retreat that is preferred providing with the best results in an enterprising manner.

Given below is a well compiled list of Top 10 Hill Stations for Honeymoon Vacations in South India.


Munnar Hill Stations for Honey Moon

Munnar is one of the scenic hill stations in Kerala, which is referred as God’s Own Country. You get to view beautifully perched tea gardens and exotically diversified scenic lakes ensuring that you come across the best features in an enterprising manner with ease offering best views surely.


Ooty Centra Travels

Nestled in the most scenic locations of South India, this hill station in Tamil Nadu is considered as a perfect haven for couples looking forward to a great romantic holiday. Spending some of the best moments in cottages will let you realize all the warmth that you prefer providing more solace.


Idukki Hill Stations

Would you like to experience a great place for romance besides realizing best quality comfort with someone special in your life? Several sanctuaries in the scenic backdrop will let you realize all the comfort that you experience naturally. The presence of a national park ensures that you have a great holidaying feel that will remain with you for a lifetime for sure.


Kodaikanal Lake Hill Stations

Spending some of the best moments of your life with your partner is possible in Kodaikanal providing you with the ultimate features that you consider to the core. Breathtaking views from the scenic hills besides memorable scenes such as fresh lilies in Kodaikanal Lake will ensure that you realize a holidaying comfort that you prefer to a maximum extent.


Coorg Hill Station

Make your honeymoon a memorable event in your life by heading to the South Indian state of Karnataka providing you with the best features that you consider to the core.  Explore the best features in a provocative manner amidst scenic mountains offering you the ultimate features that you expect without going through any travel travails.


Devikulam lake Hill Station

Newly married couples get to make merry in this hill station in the southern most region of India. Explore nature’s freshness in an inevitable manner due to which you get to treasure special moments that you consider without leading towards any major issues. Numerous options available to you for a perfect sightseeing experience will let you realize optimum comfort.


ArakuValley Hill Station

Located in one of the most scenic locations of Andhra Pradesh, this historical valley serves as the perfect host to many a couple. Newlyweds will get to realize a lifetime of experience in Araku providing them with the best features in an exceptional manner. Borra Caves close to the valley extend your holidaying experience further.


Yercaud Hill Station India

Provide some of the glitzy moments of life to your partner in order to realize the best romantic holiday offering you the best features in an eventual manner. This famed hill station is popular among young married couples. In fact, most of the couples plan long before to have an ultimate stroll at this hill station in Shevaroy Hills as part of realizing their honeymoon dreams.


Kotagiri Hill stations in India

Regarded as the oldest hill station of all in the Nilgiri mountain range, Kotagiri is quite popular as one of the best romantic holiday locales in the region. Enjoy a perfect honeymoon with your spouse in the region with maximum comfort.

Nandi Hills:
Nandi Hills In India

Experiencing a perfect honeymoon experience in Nandi Hills in Karnataka will provide you with lifetime memories for sure. Popularly known as ‘Hills of Happiness’ among tourist circles, it is possible to realize a perfect touring flexibility due to which you come across the ultimate romantic holiday experience surely.