Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The US Student VISA Interview - How They Evaluate a Student


After rejection of student VISA, many would be wondering about the criteria in which the Consular Officer decided that your VISA should be rejected. Are you one of them?

Here we go. At the outset, please do not feel that the Consular Officer is very rude and don’t want to help you. In fact, they are not at desk to help anyone; they are very much worried about the US VISA law. It is their responsibility to ensure that the purpose of applying for VISA is genuine. Many people come up with fake documents to get an entry to the US at any cost and once they get it, they vanish. The US government does not want to encourage these illegitimate activities. That is the reason why the interview for US student VISA is very tough and demands high concentration on what you are going to say.

Below given are the things that run through the Consulate Officer while interviewing a student VISA applicant:

It is a very difficult and crucial part in the interview for a consulate officer. Is this student heading to the US for studying or faking? Is this student’s intention is to work in the US during academic year? Will he/she leave USA after completion of education? The officer would ask tricky questions to unveil the real intention of the student sitting in front. In this situation a student might get confused or feel demotivated. The only solution is to think a lot about this part of interview and be ready with a convincing answer. If you are not sure, say it honestly. This is just to express that you have done homework about the matter.


About the academic program:
Yes, it will be a brilliant question from the officer. Why USA when there are many universities in your homeland and other parts of the world? You should explain the reason for selecting USA for your higher education with convincing facts. It is very important to link your academic program with the employment situations available in India. This will throw an impression that you are not planning to continue in the US after studies. That’s what Consular Officer is looking for.

Financial situation:
Education in the US is expensive compared to other countries. Other than fees, you should possess enough money for food, accommodation, traveling, medical etc. So, it is important that you should furnish details about the source of finance to study in USA. Some students would go with scholarships but most of the students are self-depended. Convince the Consular Officer that you have enough financial resource to stay and study in USA.

About your family:
The officer will be interested to know about your family in India and abroad. This is to ensure that you have enough reasons to study abroad and come back for a prosperous future in India itself. If you cannot give satisfactory answer, the officer may assume that you are planning to continue in USA after education.

Current situation in India:
You don’t have to worry much about this part of interview; it’s not in your hands. The embassy officers have clear idea about the financial, employment and political situation of each country. They are ready with all the latest information about the country they are working in. The reason they connect the situation in India with your VISA application is to make sure that you have opportunities in India when you come back after education. There are numerous incidents from citizens of poor or unstable countries to provide fake documents to get into USA and find a better living.


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