Tuesday, 21 April 2015

5 Tips for Indian students to Travel USA

The US is a large country with diverse climate and culture in each region. Students who are traveling for the first time to USA should know a few things to be followed for a safe journey. These tips will help you in managing your resources effectively, avoiding unwanted expenses, keeping healthy and confident during your stay in the US.

Do a research on the climate in the region you are about to go. In USA, weather differs and it is advisable that you keep cloths that are suitable for the particular region. It is better to keep a handbag to easily take out and drop cloths that are frequently needed (Sweaters, woolen caps etc.). Try to keep a pouch which can be attached to your belt. This helps in handling small amounts of bills which is necessary while travelling in the US. Carry some general medicines for fever, cough, pains and all because it is costly in the US. You cannot buy a medicine from a pharmacy in the US without prescription from a doctor, which will make a little more expense.

Always opt for travel by air in the US. It is time saving and comparatively cheap for long distances. If you need to travel short distances, make use of bus services. You may not find bus services to all the suburban places; in which case look for an economic car rental service. Travel agents can advise you on the best available transportation options based on the destination you are heading to. Experiences travel agents can even pre-book your seats for your continued journey in the US.


It is unavoidable. You need to be in touch with your family and friends both in India and the US. It is always better to buy telephone cards to keep it under your budget. Coin operated pay phones are available everywhere in the US, but they are comparatively expensive. For making international calls, use telephone cards or buy a cellular phone with best offers given by major telephone operators. Do remember that, all the handsets in India are not suitable for usage in the US, voltage is different and electronic gadgets from India may not work properly in USA. Try to get a cellphone from USA itself to avoid inconveniences.

You may feel nostalgic about homely food after a few days in the US. Students, who are supposed to stay there for a long while needs to take care of their health; especially about food. Carry necessary utensils to cook for yourself. Many students prefer to buy electronic cooker from the US itself; not bad it is. Other utensils like spoon, stirrers, and vessels of various sizes are cheap in the US. If you prefer to carry it from home; go on. Don’t forget to pack some Indian masala powder packets like sambar/rasam powder, turmeric and  haldi powder, cumin seeds, mustard seeds etc. You can pack some of your pickles also to not to miss the delicious food your mummy cooks.


There are other things you will need while staying in the US. Toiletries are one of the important in that. Get a toilet mug for your use, you may not find mug in toilets in the US. Stock toothpaste, soaps, powders, hair oils,  shampoos etc. You may also carry stationeries like gum, stapler, punching machine, note books, pen & pencils, erasers, ruler etc. CDs/DVDs of your favorite music or movies will help you when you feel nostalgic or lost. Pack some of your favorite books if you are a veracious reader.

Knowing and planning your journey well in advance will help reduce stress and obstacles while you live in the US. Anyways, you are going to make friends of your choice very soon. So, no need to worry too much about your safety in the US.


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