Thursday, 23 April 2015

How to Plan a Trip?

How To Plan A Trip

Plan wisely for a memorable journey:
Is it that easy to just pack and leave for a journey? No, it is not. You have to think about lot things before you start your travel. There are important matters like expense, tickets, time and all. It is always sensible to plan your travel a few months before the journey and you can save more money for traveling, you can see more places where you go and what not. Here are a few tips for planning your travel to make it a memorable experience ever.

Where am I going?
Ask yourself this question hundred times. Where to go, which place you want to see, why I want to visit that place etc. Look through a binocular the answer you got. Is it really a place you want to see? If the answer is positive, narrow your focus. Think about Machu Picchu than Latin America.  Hit a nail on the map. Now you have a clear idea about the place you are eagerly waiting to visit. Good job, you have done with the first and most important step in your travel planning.

How long I want to be there?
Now that you have come to a conclusion about the place you want to go. The next question behind you is how much time you are going to spend in your favourite location. Is it for a week or a month? Relax and think well. Is your holidays allow you to stay there as per your wish? How many days, including the time you have to spend in flight/train/bus. Pen down the time you have to spend on traveling and calculate the exact time you get to be in your destination. This is not a hard thing to do. Your travel agent can give you all the information on traveling time and all. Once it is finalized, you are ready to go ahead with other things that matters a lot.

Do I have enough money?
Nothing is free in this world! You need money for tickets, food, accommodation and other expenses. Take a paper and pen and start filling the expenses column. Ticket charges, expected food and beverages costs per day, hotel/home rent, attractions which need tickets etc. You can figure out average cost per day by including all the expenses in the list. This makes an easy way to plan your total expected travel costs.

Gather money:
You have plenty of time to gather money for your dream journey. This is the farthermost advantage of planning a trip well in advance. Identify the loops where money is wasted more. Avoid unnecessary expenses which you really don’t need. Cut down a beer or a pizza from your routine. You can save some handsome amount by carefully using telephone. Stop having food from hotel and learn and try cooking. Keep away from parties with friends and all. There are numerous things in your life that steals money like steal someone blind.

Check for updates:
Be flexible, that helps you in finding a better travel planning. There will be offers that you missed to see. Keep on searching for latest offers and deals announced by tour operators and travel agencies. Sometimes you may come across a great dear which can give you double impact on your budget. The word ‘flexible’ is very important at this stage. You still remember the first question you asked yourself rite? What if you can enjoy a trip to another location for much lower expense? Don’t think much, just grab the opportunity. It won’t make any difference if you go to Singapore instead of Mauritius. What you want is a trip that will give you a sweet memory. Let Mauritius wait for you some other time. This way you can enjoy all the benefits of a budget travel and don’t forget to do a shopping with surplus money.


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