Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Top Places To Go For A Weekend in Hyderabad

Weekend destinations near Hyderabad offer a great holidaying experience with best features guaranteed in an overwhelming manner. Exciting travel feel laced with exciting moments will ensure that you realize a memorable holidaying tryst that you expect accordingly. Get along with your family or friends enabling you to realize a great weekend eventually due to which come across some of the best moments that you prefer with ease.

Prefer top places to go for a weekend in Hyderabad such as the ones given below providing you with a memorable travel experience eventually.


Bidar Fort weekend places near Telangana
This historical location in the border of Karnataka and Telangana could be reached after traveling around 150 km from Hyderabad.  Having a perfect weekend experience or a long enjoyable holiday is best possible with multiple tour attractions such as Bidar Fort and Bahmani Tombs. Making a same day visit or staying for a couple of days could be considered depending upon your exact requirements offering you a scintillating experience of travel on an overall.


Warangal weekend places near Telangana
This city in Telangana has served as the capital city for Kakatiyas. Initially known with the term ‘Orugallu’ during the Kakatiya rule, this historical city is still immensely popular with numerous attractions still remaining in perfect condition such as Bhadrakali Temple and Warangal Fort. However, the most famous attractions of all is the jaw dropping Thousand Pillar Temple.


Nagarjuna Sagar Weekend places near Telangana
This historical dam of geographical and agricultural importance is located nearly 165 km away from Hyderabad. Attractive tour packages are offered by the Tourism Department of Telangana offering some of the exciting moments for you in an exceptional manner. The unique constructional style of the dam is something what you need to boast about.


Nizamabad Weekend Places in Hyderabad
Would you like to experience the best trekking trails and scenic waterfalls in the Telangana region? Experiencing such attractive features so that you could perform some of the great activities in the region is best possible once you visit Nizamabad state, which is situated 175 km away from Hyderabad. Regular bus services both from the private as well as public transport departments are available to you.


Nalgonda Weekend Places in Hyderabad
Reaching the city of Nalgonda is possible easily after a mere travel of 84 km from Hyderabad. Private cabs regularly ply in the region of Hyderabad – Nalgonda besides public and private bus services available on a regular basis. Some of the best attractions that you get to witness in the city are Sri Laxminarsimha Swamy Temple besides the Buddhist monastery ruins that will leave you in awe definitely.


Another popular destination in the Telangana region close to the city of Hyderabad is Mahbubnagar, which is 100 km away. Regular travel services are available to you allowing you realize a perfect tourism experience in an ideal manner that you consider. Attractive tour packages for the most affordable prices are available for your increased preference due to which you could enjoy a great holidaying tryst. This place is hugely popular all over the world as the origin place of Koh-i-Noor Diamond. 


dimpy roy said...

Good post. Thanks for sharing. The plethora of numerous delightful places to visit in Hyderabad ensure that travellers return with a lifetime of memories once they check out these different Hyderabad places to visit. Whether it’s a tranquil boat ride on the Hussain Sagar Lake, feeling the pulse of the city from atop Charminar, or hearing the echo of a bygone era at Golconda Fort - the different attractions are as numerous as they are diverse. Just a handful of the other Hyderabad tourist places include Mecca Masjid, Sudha Cars Museum, St Mary’s Church, and Lumbini Park. Check out all best Hyderabad places to visit also.

anjali gupta said...

Very informational post. It was really helpful to read your blog post. Hyderabad is an old city that has been known for its rich heritage and culture. Also, check out Lumbini park, popular tourist spot in Hyderabad.

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