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Top 10 Hill Stations for Honeymoon vacations in South India - Centra Travel

Top 10 Hill Stations for Honeymoon vacations

Planning for a lovely Honeymoon Vacation in South India will leave behind memorable moments for you for sure. Couples can now experience scenic mountain views, gushing waterfalls and exotic beachfronts providing a perfect holiday retreat that is preferred providing with the best results in an enterprising manner.

Given below is a well compiled list of Top 10 Hill Stations for Honeymoon Vacations in South India.


Munnar Hill Stations for Honey Moon

Munnar is one of the scenic hill stations in Kerala, which is referred as God’s Own Country. You get to view beautifully perched tea gardens and exotically diversified scenic lakes ensuring that you come across the best features in an enterprising manner with ease offering best views surely.


Ooty Centra Travels

Nestled in the most scenic locations of South India, this hill station in Tamil Nadu is considered as a perfect haven for couples looking forward to a great romantic holiday. Spending some of the best moments in cottages will let you realize all the warmth that you prefer providing more solace.


Idukki Hill Stations

Would you like to experience a great place for romance besides realizing best quality comfort with someone special in your life? Several sanctuaries in the scenic backdrop will let you realize all the comfort that you experience naturally. The presence of a national park ensures that you have a great holidaying feel that will remain with you for a lifetime for sure.


Kodaikanal Lake Hill Stations

Spending some of the best moments of your life with your partner is possible in Kodaikanal providing you with the ultimate features that you consider to the core. Breathtaking views from the scenic hills besides memorable scenes such as fresh lilies in Kodaikanal Lake will ensure that you realize a holidaying comfort that you prefer to a maximum extent.


Coorg Hill Station

Make your honeymoon a memorable event in your life by heading to the South Indian state of Karnataka providing you with the best features that you consider to the core.  Explore the best features in a provocative manner amidst scenic mountains offering you the ultimate features that you expect without going through any travel travails.


Devikulam lake Hill Station

Newly married couples get to make merry in this hill station in the southern most region of India. Explore nature’s freshness in an inevitable manner due to which you get to treasure special moments that you consider without leading towards any major issues. Numerous options available to you for a perfect sightseeing experience will let you realize optimum comfort.


ArakuValley Hill Station

Located in one of the most scenic locations of Andhra Pradesh, this historical valley serves as the perfect host to many a couple. Newlyweds will get to realize a lifetime of experience in Araku providing them with the best features in an exceptional manner. Borra Caves close to the valley extend your holidaying experience further.


Yercaud Hill Station India

Provide some of the glitzy moments of life to your partner in order to realize the best romantic holiday offering you the best features in an eventual manner. This famed hill station is popular among young married couples. In fact, most of the couples plan long before to have an ultimate stroll at this hill station in Shevaroy Hills as part of realizing their honeymoon dreams.


Kotagiri Hill stations in India

Regarded as the oldest hill station of all in the Nilgiri mountain range, Kotagiri is quite popular as one of the best romantic holiday locales in the region. Enjoy a perfect honeymoon with your spouse in the region with maximum comfort.

Nandi Hills:
Nandi Hills In India

Experiencing a perfect honeymoon experience in Nandi Hills in Karnataka will provide you with lifetime memories for sure. Popularly known as ‘Hills of Happiness’ among tourist circles, it is possible to realize a perfect touring flexibility due to which you come across the ultimate romantic holiday experience surely.


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