Thursday, 26 March 2015

Enjoy a Perfect Weekend Trip in Mumbai with Best Attractions Around


Planning a Weekend trip in Mumbai with best attractions covered in and around the city?  Access the advanced features in a detailed manner allowing you to realize some of the lilting moments of your life as a tourist.

Given below are some of the best Mumbai day trip options for you allowing you to have optimum fun and excitement. 

Trekking in the Sahyadri:

Trekking in the Sahyadri
Do you enjoy adventurous activities such as mountaineering and trekking? Sahyadris is one of the beautiful mountain ranges in the Western Ghats offering you optimum flexibility with ease. With greenery perched everywhere providing you with the best features, it is possible to organize your travel preferences with great flexibility. Breathtaking mountain views are available to you in the Sahyadri defining a new meaning to your travel expeditions.

How to Reach: Regular local train services are available from Mumbai to Lonavla from where it is just a 15 km walk.


Spending quality time in the scenic mountainous regions of Mumbai is possible when you reach Harihareshwar. Perhaps, you get to witness the scenic views of four mountains in the form of Harihareshwar, Harshinachal, Bramhadri and Pushpadri providing you much needed solace. Perfect accommodation too is available for the affordable prices possible at places such as Harihareshwar Beach Resort for your optimum comfort.

How to Reach: Private and public bus services from Mumbai are available regularly. However, you can prefer a bike ride to treasure the best moments of travel amidst beautiful mountain ranges.

Vaitarna Dam:

Planning a long tour from Mumbai to Nashik will let you confront some of the best moments offering you the ultimate features with ease. Vaitarna Dam is the location to be with beautiful views of gushing waters displayed to the core in an enchanting fashion. Alternatively known as Modaksagar Dam, it is known as the provider of water to Mumbai. It was opened in 1954 since then it has been functioning in a full-fledged manner providing multiple benefits.

How to Reach: Train and bus services are available from Mumbai to Nashik at regular intervals. Making use of road transport services to travel around 50 km will lead you to Igatpuri hill station, where Vaitarna Dam exists.

Mumbadevi Temple:

Mumbadevi Temple
Having a day trip involving prime locations of Mumbai is never complete without a visit to Mumbadevi Temple. You can get an instant religious feel as soon as you visit the temple. The deity is regarded to be six centuries old at least and is a direct representation of the artistic work of the legendary saint named Mumbaraka. According to the legend, it is believed that the people of Mumbai got fed up with the sadistic saint due to which they started praying for Lord Brahma. Eventually, it is because of Her Holiness because of which the problem has been resolved and since then she is considered as the savior of the city.  

How to Reach: Local train services are available from all major places of Mumbai such as Andheri to Mumbadevi Temple. Alternatively, you can take autos as well.


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