Monday, 29 June 2015

How to Make Your University Life Hilarious in USA Part - 01

Tips for students starting to usa part 01

As you are very well aware of it, the culture in the US is entirely different than in India. Though Americans are very friendly and helpful we have to take care of a few things to avoid unnecessary inconveniences to them and ourselves. Here are a few Tips for students going to the US to lead a joyful life there.

1. Bring a lot of positive outlook, enthusiasm and motivated mind to the US. You may find things that may not be your cup of tea. Do not get panic, it is just the cultural differences that stand between everything. Always remember the fact that what they do there is a part of their culture.

2. If you have a driving license, take an International Driving License from India before leaving to the US. Public transport is not much available in some areas in the US. Owing a car is not a luxury there but it is a necessity.

3. Do not always convert Dollars into Rupees. This habit will only help you to end up starving yourselves.

4. Speak slowly and clearly. Even though you have very good command over the English language, our accent may be difficult to follow. If you don’t understand something while in a conversation do not hesitate to ask them to speak slowly. They don’t mind it and they will help you follow American accent.

5. Pack necessary utensils for cooking. Some items are costly in the US. You can buy other cooking items from super market but it is advisable to pack some masala powders and all for initial days.

6. For married students who want to bring their spouse with them shall find accommodation in the US well in advance. Finding accommodation for family will be time consuming as singles can easily move or share apartments with others.

7. After landing to the US the first thing you have to do is to inform your university or college about your arrival.

8. Other international students also face same problems like you. Share your problems with other international students so that you won’t feel alone in the campus.

9. Americans are very friendly and polite. Speak to them with respect. Do not cut into a queue like in India. Hold the door for others while entering and exiting. Make it a habit to speak with a smile with others.

10. Attend international student’s orientation program. It will help you to understand the campus and ask questions if you have any.


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