Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Ultimate Guide: Safety Tips for International Students in the US

Safety Tips for International Students

Safety is very important factor while traveling abroad. Students studying abroad get chances to explore more places which ask for safe travel. University campuses and surroundings will be safe and secure for students. But, when they want to travel new places is a different matter. Students like to explore the neighbouring cities, countries and communities as a part of study abroad experience. Here are a few tips to ensure that your travel is safe and free from troubles.

Know the people:
People in USA are generally very friendly and like to help others, especially foreigners. But, there are exceptions too. Do a research on people in the locality you want to visit and be prepared to face and react appropriately. It is advisable to avoid places which are noted for nasty behaviour or such incidents. Ask your fellow students whether they can give tips on visiting other places.

Be vigilant:
Follow the same rules that you practice in your home town. You know very well about your native town, learn about the place you are residing abroad. Knowing the hues and shades of the town/city will help you live comfortably. Observe your surroundings, go for nights walk with a group, examine and know the locality as your home town.

Do not trust media too much:
This is common and straightforward. Media will try to showcase a place as most secure. This may not be always true and sometimes misguiding. Learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Seek help from authorities:
Foreign students are generally reluctant to bring any problems to the authorities. Universities and colleges have authorized people to take care of the safety of their students. Do not hesitate to report any issues or obstacles to the authorities immediately. Call to emergency phone number if you are away from university surroundings.

Be smart and keep your eyes open to your surroundings. Following little simple things will keep you away from troubles. There are mobile apps available for students to report any offences faced by students. Make use of every option to keep in touch with your university, college and friends. If you are going to some other city or country, ask advice from your travel agent regarding the people and safety of that respective destination. It is always good to travel as a group as you will be with people you know closely.


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