Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Super Tips to Cut Cost of Studying in the USA

Super Tips to Cut Cost of Studying in the US

Studying in the US is expensive and often international students wonder how they are going to meet the expenses for four years. The fact is that there are ways to cut down costs and you just have to explore it in the right way. Here are a few tips that will help avoid drain money from your bank account.

Off Campus housing can save you a few dollars:
Accommodation takes a good share of money from your wallet. I you are going for a room for rent or housing, it will cost you more for sure. To avoid this, look for off campus housing which most of the universities provide for affordable rates. Students can send their queries about off campus housing to university’s housing office or by visiting university website. Ask about types of accommodation, room sharing options and expected cost of stay. Finding off campus housing not only helps to save money but, students can develop their language and inter personal skills by interacting with students from other countries.

Meal plan options or start cooking:
Students who chose to live in off campus housing should opt meal plans carefully to avoid unnecessary expenses. International students living in the campus purchase meal plans. Students should carefully research on cuisine and other options in the campus. If the menu is not appealing students shall consider other options for meal. Purchasing a smaller plan or budgeting between smaller and larger plans for dining out would help balance the expense. The most profitable option is to start cooking for self.

Ask about employment options:
Normally, international students are not allowed to work off campus. But there will be options to do job in the campus itself. Some schools offer employment for international students in their offices. There are clerical, lab assistant, tutoring positions for international students who needs financial assistance to continue studies. Some students earn money more than their scholarship which is enough to cover taxes, health insurance and other personal expenses.


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